This postulate should be read by EVERYONE who wants to take responsibility for our world!

It provides the decisive clues: This is the exit, the exit – to a NEW CONSCIOUSNESS. Here are the answers to WHY the history of humankind repeats itself and WHEREIN the root of evil is founded.

No further day should pass that – out of ignorance – a human trusts in factors that cannot and will not prove to be successful in any way!

Escape oder die Notwendigkeit einer neuen Bewusstseinsmatrix Happy Future

The Necessity of a New Matrix of Consciousness itemises the correlation between seemingly outer reality and inner soul processes.


All the answers and insights contained therein are the foundation of my longstanding research into the complexity of humans by means of psychokinesis. This research goes to the “darkest and concealed corners” of human existence and refers to the key fault in the prevailing consciousness. It makes clear why and how all problems in interpersonal matters determine history again and again.

Fundamental questions are analysed, e.g:

Why does history repeat itself again and again? What actually happens here? Why does a human (again and again) end up in a dead end, in the sense of “inner misery”? Much has been and is still being thought of the so-called salvation of human beings, but obviously, no one has yet thought it through to the end. Thus society still seems to turn in the circle of its problems: In the prevailing matrix of consciousness, one does not think about the cause but searches for guilt (causal nexus!)

In order for change to take place, it is important to understand what driving and determining forces are. The parapsychological aspect is of great importance! I have succeeded in explaining the functionality of involuntarily interacting engrams (emotional or mental memory traces). This postulate contains instructions on how to prevent the formation of negative engrams. The newly oriented person is, therefore, able to grow up undamaged – in the sense of a healthy psyche or a healthy emotionality.

This reading material shows how one can remove the breeding ground for all kinds of conflicts by initiating a metamorphosis of consciousness. Read more about how to create and maintain harmony at all levels! I commissioned the company “HAPPY – FUTURE” to publish this postulate.

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