Menopause Segment


“Best possible way through menopause” – without any side effects!


BENEFIT for a lifetime: WOMAN wins quality of life and spares herself years of the martyrdom of being limited!

With this fundamental possibility from parapsychology, you can get a valuable, healthy basis for keeping your body fully functional and fit for longer. WOMAN enjoys visible positive effects.


A perfect prevention for all women:

As a precaution, this individual menopause segment can also be activated before menopause begins. It avoids massive symptoms because the system is already regulated by PSI genetics. Bio-genetics and its influence on all biological processes are thus prematurely suspended.


For women during menopause:

The most diverse irritative symptoms, triggered by hormonal change, are controlled by the activated PSI genetics. The intensity of the irritations thus flattens more and more and become shorter and shorter in the course. Therefore, menopause is more harmonious. All biological processes are controlled until the system is back to a healthy standard.


After menopause:

You can still use this help if you have already completed menopause. The PSI genetics are then taken over even faster, whereby the entire biological system is reactivated.


Positive effects on:

  • hormonal system
  • nervous system
  • psyche
  • biology
  • cell function
  • skin
  • sexuality
  • vitality
  • stability
  • the entire mental and emotional structure



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