Negative energies in humans are caused by negative emotional experiences such as traumas, strokes of fate, unloving upbringing imprinting, separation, loss, or even by the influence of black magic. These experiences cause subsequently recurring diseases, fears, bad luck, partnership problems, failures, negative living conditions.

In psychokinesis (the media contact from psyche to psyche) one is able to neutralize or completely dissolve all negative energetic dispositions in humans. This creates a positive effect in all areas of life, even in so-called “hopeless cases”.

Psychokinesis enables to affect not only material structures but also all psi and bioenergetic dispositions of all living subjects; which in turn, allows a deliberate (volitional) control of bio-neural and biochemical processes.

Every reflex of sensation (spiritual, emotional, physiological, mental, etc.) contains a psi- and bioenergetic frequency, which, if negative, also has a corresponding negative mental structure.

The more often one feels negative, the stronger the structuring (imprinting). It is exactly this imprinting that has a reflexive effect on the basic emotion, and therefore, the viewpoint becomes cloudy and negative. As a further result, the increased negative sensation produces psi and bioenergetic impulses. These impulses now build up negative psi and bioenergetic compensations and can manifest themselves in all physio-neuronal systems.

The longer one remains bound to these negative compensations, the stronger they become in order to manifest themselves later as ulcers, tumors, etc.

By means of psychokinesis, one is able to detect these compressions (with psychoscopy: comprehensive check on the subtle level) and also completely neutralize them, thereby depriving all kind of serious disease its source.

Furthermore, it is possible to straighten all negative mental segments (imprinting) in a congenial way, whereby the human being is freed from all lasting negative dispositions (mentally), and hence, the way is paved for a complete recovery. The fantastic about psychokinesis lies in the fact that a human does not need to be physically present. By means of an object for medial concentration (preferably a photo), it is possible to establish a medial connection through which psychokinesis is accentuated. The distance to the subject is not important, as PSI-signals are not space-bound or time-bound.
Conclusion: Psychokinesis removes the basis of all diseases, streaks of bad luck, etc., and therefore, a positive effect in all areas of life can be achieved.


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