The PSI-walker community was founded to give humans worldwide the opportunity to go along with the intention of “Stormy”.

“Stormy” in its characteristic manages to ignite the PSI energy positively. A symbolic soul traveller, who manages in stormy times to convey a message worldwide, which arrives where the human being is at home! A home where egomania no longer occupies a place, because in the course of time humans have learned to understand how harmonious togetherness can succeed worldwide. We, the adults of today, are responsible for leaving a healthy spiritual heritage to our descendants. This task of soul development is NOW to perceive! When one ideologically joins the PSI-walker community then one is willing to develop into an independent thinker, instead of continuing to sit on the dead limb of the respective prevailing consciousness as an adapted system caretaker and waiting for the collective hammer to fall. Because the human being has actually managed to develop in many areas in such a way that he/she is occasionally in the thraldom of technical progress. In the long run, interpersonal empathy is lost with far-reaching consequences. If everything remains unchanged in people’s minds, decisions and actions will continue to spring from egoistic ideas. In sum, one develops into a (more or less) egomaniac, resulting from a malfunctioning ego. Explosiveness that does not stop at political and economic interests. With the predominant consciousness, the humans are on the best way to extinguish themselves! Only with a transformation of consciousness, we can manage it together to get rid of the weapons of defeat! When humans objectify views about guilt and expiation, when the so-called “enemy” is no longer sought outside, but the human learns to understand step by step what makes him/her feel, directs and controls in certain situations, then globally something unique can happen: A new collective consciousness is formed worldwide, based on the principles of the cosmic order of cause and effect. A psi-walker consciously sets off on a journey to become a knowledgeable person about the laws at the subtle level. In this way, one develops and forms oneself into a free spirit. The free spirit in the sense of My mind is free from any ghosts of the past and from the driven and resulting parts of energetic nature, which lead to personality deformation. As a free spirit, a human will be able to live according to the own intuition. No value judgments will separate humans. Understanding “The Game of Forces” makes the inner truth (soul quality) unshakeable. That, and only that, corresponds to the law of “live and let live” and corresponds to the law of honesty and fairness. This can be achieved and actually implemented when a human is always guided into the true insights with all live lesson related processes. This means: He/she realizes the actual negative circumstances of occurring indisposition on the surface and out of the process of realization, superordinate views can originate.

PSI-walker community = for humans who are travelling with this intention; who want to be builders, pioneers of a new era of consciousness to create and preserve harmony on all levels!

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