A parapsychological experiment shows: It is worth making use

of the hidden spiritual resources of human!

The result of this experiment reveals how to escape the consciousness traps of the dominant matrix of consciousness

The Austrian researcher and parapsychologist Willi Robé is the only person in this field who has succeeded in demonstrating psychokinetic activity under laboratory conditions.

The well-founded result is also be seen as a pointer for the future: To place the human with her/his latent spiritual possibilities into the foreground again, and not to put everything blindly on technology, artificial intelligence, etc. (Details lab result can be found at

It is possible to influence matter with spirit, that has now been proved. Thus, a huge opportunity has opened up, which is worthy of a general appraisal. On this subject, it is necessary to recognize that human’s spiritual resources point to the advancement of spiritual and empathic possibilities.

This parapsychological experiment is a manifest evidence of the feasibility of instrumentalizing, controlling and bundling PSI-energy.

In any case, it shows not only the possibility that such accents can be set,

but also that one – as society – must learn to address to this topic, and finally, to derive benefit from it.


We must never forget: The miracle is the human being herself/himself!