Parapsychology is a science that deals with those abilities and immense forces of the psyche that cannot be explained according to the laws of physics known today. Its subject is extrasensory perception (ESP), i. e. the reception of information without the participation of the five senses beyond the limits of time (PSI signals). The same principle applies to psychokinesis, which is the purely psychological influence on material, psychological and biological processes.


Parapsychology is often dismissed by laymen as “reading tea leaves“; therefore, it is important to raise the level of knowledge and to get a general, basic understanding. Particularly important for those who are not familiar with this subject. Nowadays, parapsychology has its cosmopolitan right at numerous universities and is significantly promoted by natural scientists, especially physicists and scientific autodidacts, whose research has led to the postulate of a higher, multidimensional legitimacy.

Parapsychology is composed of several fields of sciences, whereby the focus of the research area is the metaphysical doctrine, higher mathematics, physics, as well as biochemistry. It can only be explained and executed with meticulous work.


Parapsychology is the science of the subtle level. In contrast to esotericism, which is based on occultism, parapsychology is a science that is purely based on statistical factors, and always strives to prove the truth for everything.

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