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PSI-RESONANCE-METHOD®: The so-called soul quality

(PSI-energy) influences all levels of humans (the

bioneural, biochemical and physiological consistency).

Special Kind of Prevention!

The PSI-level is responsible for lasting well-being and health! Thanks to years of research by Parapsychologist Willi Robé and his possibilities as specialist in psychokinesis, a unique health care system can be built-up for humans, animals and the environment from the scientific perspective.


Definition: PSI = the cosmic energy, which then also defines itself as a singular soul unity. The origin of the PSI-Resonance-Method® lies in the influences of the cosmos on all earthly forms of life and genera. By means of the PSI-Resonance-Method®, it is possible to positively influence human, space and matter. When humans´ PSI energy is reactivated by means of a positively charged PSI-inductor, then, an epochal change can be assumed without exaggeration. New ways of thinking, humanly efficient and lasting successful actions are made possible with new energetic conditions. Because the inner matrix forms the outer reality! Such an inner rearrangement opens many new positive pathways for all levels. Mankind is the only living creature that has an underlying consciousness and its morphogenetic field (its PSI code) contains the imaginary order of its development. This true imaginary assignment of human development defines its right to exist again.


Sustainable Optimization in Humans, Animals and the Environment

Where the true cause is located, the PSI-Resonance-Method® is applied. The soul unity is pushed forward with positive impulses and is brought into resonance. Targeted PSI-vibrational-impulses affect the bio-neural, biochemical, and physiological consistency of humans. Simplified illustrated: It works from the inside to the outside. If the actual causality is not targeted, the optimization will never be sustainable. This important fact also explains the difference to all bio-energetic therapies, which have only a limited influence on sub-areas (bio-energetic).


Successful Reorientation by Using the PSI-Resonance-Method®

The PSI-Resonance-Method® strengthens human impulses (true responsibility for further development) and promotes well-being on the PSI and bioenergetic level. All deficient systems are positively influenced, without negating, covering or stun the origin cause/real problem. In other words: It promotes the awareness of the actual negative circumstances and helps to expand a narrowed and limited event horizon. This unique method is a door opener for new ways to maintain our habitat healthy.

Considering the increasing problems of harvest losses, long-term damage, infertility, poor soil conditions, pest infestations, etc., this is an indispensable method to restore and maintain a high-quality habitat for our next generations. Spirit-Wellness-Products, which are energetically prepared with the patented PSI-Resonance-Method®, can be conveniently ordered from our online store.