In research, everything has been done to provide people with an additional instrument that makes it much easier to grasp things, because it synchronizes single processes.

Each segmental instrument functions autonomously (each on its own). With the addition of the synchronization segment, all processes will run simultaneously (synchronously). Each successfully existing segment initiates (causes) its own receptivity. Due to the different receptivity predispositions, the system has to be coordinated with each other. With the individual receptivity factors, this can extend over a longer period of time.

From the parapsychological point of view, the challenge consists in the fact that the entire process of coordination takes place in a synchronous process. Bringing the coordination of different types of reception to one common denominator – is the crucial link in order to achieve the own authenticity/stability as quickly as possible.

The synchronization segment is able to control the most different receptive factors of the conditions simultaneously (synchronously), which has the consequence that the person saves a lot of time because the sequences run synchronously and not time-delayed.


This segment is the building block for absolute compactness for people with weak decision-making skills. Because it prevents the involuntary emerge of internal turbulences and thus the moment of hesitation or uncertainty is not arising.


Example: A situation in which an emotional decision has to be made. This fact (circumstance) is first mentally grasped, then the human being associates. The associated autonomous, peripheral touch causes a hesitation at this moment. It causes a short uncertainty with accompanying hesitation to decide or delay, etc. = an unpleasant feeling develops.

The goal is a synchronisation of all the processes in such a way that everything that constitutes a human’s personality becomes one! Through the rapid interlocking of the individual processes, the system is strengthened, so that the person feels able to make decisions in the necessary moment. The result is consistent stability, goal-security and determination. Especially with all emotional factors, the most important one.

A determined and characterful acting/behaviour is achieved with the support of the synchronisation segment.

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