Parapsychologist Willi Robé

Specialist in psychokinesis,
as well as all esoteric, astrological and cosmobiological services,
founder and initiator of the project group “HAPPY-FUTURE”,
developer of the instruments and
patent holder of the PSI-Resonance-Method.
founder of the PSI-walker community


For many decades I have been working intensively on all the things that have a decisive influence on humans. Using cosmobiological processes of experience, I provide trendsetting insights into human functionality.


“Human, who you are – who are you? Human, who you are – what do you want? – Human, who you are – where are you going?”

Humankind has been dealing with these elementary questions and the meaning of being since time immemorial, but the answers have remained hidden so far. Through parapsychology and its findings, it is now possible to get on the track of the essence and the meaning of being.

All the efforts of psychokinetic research on humans, space and matter have been worthwhile and I do my research beyond the usual methodology of parapsychology, which aims at attracting media and commercial attention. I do research as a human for humans! Making the apparently unexplainable – EXPLAINABLE for humans – that drives my research work.

With the instruments of psychokinesis, I am able to determine and detect the causal nexus, and to exert targeted positive influence on deficit systems. These are proven facts that underline the fantastic nature of this matter.

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