Causal Research

Causal Research of Human, Space, and Matter

The research spectrum is the subtle level, which ultimately always represents the causal nexus. One is able to influence every object/subject of singular PSI-energetic units.
In the research of energetic dispositions of objects or subjects, it is possible to exert an appropriate influence when a special tangent has been built up prior. And that only, if the practitioner has the necessary properties: psychic abilities, receptivity, empathic abilities – without these nothing works!
Those who do not have access to these underlying factors must admit to themselves that they know little, or nothing about “Human Functionality”! Parapsychology has already refuted many theories and practices which are used commonly. 99% only deal for commercial purposes to make ends meet. People´s ignorance is abused for self-interest. They are led behind the light!
If someone claims to have the knowledge and the understanding about these things, and work according to this principle, the human (the receiver) is requested to look carefully, whether the agent (the transmitter) has the needed correspondence and necessary properties.
Caution: If practices and rituals are done on luck, it can happen that thereby wrong forces activate themselves! A lack of qualification can cause miserable failures.