Space energetic measures

Energetic measures for the living and working area

Largely unnoticed by the public, negative psi-energetic contaminated sites have an influence on well-being. Where people live, they leave traces of their physical and emotional existence. Negative experiences generate a negative energetic factor, which is involuntarily released as an emission.

Seen from the viewpoint of space energy: Everything that has been experienced negatively in houses or rooms settles down there, and negative energy fields (PSI fields) can build up over the period of time.

These PSI fields have an involuntary, subliminal effect on humans, animals, and ecological structures. In humans, the entire physiology, neurology, biochemistry, … can also be affected. For example, in immunodeficiency, these factors represent a trigger for all types of diseases.

A remedy can only be provided by psychokinesis!

In recent years, there has been a boom around the topic: “Healthy energetic indoor climate”. At the same time, mischief and nonsense were also opened the door. Unfortunately, often out of ignorance, the true risks are ignored. Here you have to be careful not to be blinded.

Enlightenment and knowledge about involuntary energetic processes are very important. Findings from parapsychological cause research provide ample information in this respect.

Benefit from our know-how and gain interesting insights into the latest methods and measures.

Psychokinesis – the purposeful and positive effect for room energy

First, the individual assessment of the basic structural requirements (bio-energetic and psi-energetic) is carried out by means of psychoscopy, so that existing negative PSI fields can be detected and subsequently neutralised.

The next step is the placement of an inductor: A highly concentrated, informatively processed room-inductor is placed centrally in the spatial periphery and assumes the function of a scattering effect that extends over the entire spatial area. Thus, all persons located in the rooms are subliminally affected by this signal effect. Open-plan offices, restaurants, hotel areas, practices, etc. are very good examples of application. Here the possibilities are also unlimited!

ROOM-COMPENSATOR – the benefit for a lifetime!

In order to avoid a rebuilding of negative psi- and bio-energetic fields, a specially prepared room-compensator is placed in the room periphery. Negative sub-energies and bio-energetic factors that are autonomously released in everyday life (such as negative thoughts or feelings of overload, fears, perfectionism, stress, annoyances, etc.) can no longer arise.

These space-energetic measures from the science of parapsychology represent a rapid and permanent positive effect.