This parapsychological instrument promotes the intuition in order to become more capable of acting. It accelerates the intuitive process, which gives the inner decision-making ability.

The PSI CONNECTOR II = the manifest factor that provides the form of coordination. Vibrations, which involuntarily have a tangent effect, are transmitted to a special kind of psychokinetically created engram, which is particularly positioned. Everything with an involuntary effect is bundled in this engram.

These autonomously (automatically) switched processes on the subtle level force the intention/the own intuitive happening, and this results in SAFETY and STABILITY. Perfect in situations where a person is undecided because the involuntarily arising feelings of hesitation, waiting (= negative feelings) are blocked in the future.

THE AID for inconsistent, fluttering people to turn weaknesses into strengths!

This parapsychological instrument works permanently and autonomously. It gives STABILITY of acting in the respective situation!


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