Control Segment


The appropriate parapsychological support for people who want to advance their development sustainably and efficiently. A permanent psychokinetic component with the personal advantage of balancing existing physiological, biochemical or psychological deficits.

Do you know this sentence: “Often tried, never succeeded.” - From now on it belongs to the past! A multiple is made possible by a fixed energetically anchored positive counterpole (control segment).

Negative energies in humans arise through negative sensory experiences. Thereby a human becomes more and more alienated from the own true spiritual quality and own essence. Negative parts of an energetic nature can not only slow down a human’s development, but they can also make ill.


Brief description:

In certain areas of life, despite good intentions or commitment, people do not really make progress. With every new start that fails, the entire system is further weakened. In order to avoid that and to find the way out of this negative downward spiral as quickly as possible, a fixed, positive counterpole (control segment) can be created by means of psychokinesis.

By means of a medial connection to the recipient (recipient of the medial information) already existing negative psi- or bioenergetic dispositions (predispositions, susceptibilities) can be determined. In a further phase, the neutralization of the most serious psi-energetic disposition is successively achieved with psychokinesis. Thus, a healthy basis is created to carry out the important processes of experience in the course of a lifetime in a goal-oriented manner and with full efficiency.

If the person faces the true lessons (learning topics), then the optimal result is obtained from each experience made – until the complete realization (proverbial: “Now I have understood it!”). All resulting positive sensations have a positive effect on the entire organism.

For this reason, a human does not remain or get stuck in imprints (mental imprints of negative experiences and feelings) and the resulting pattern behaviour. A targeted progress in life (mentally as well as emotionally) is enabled.


Your profit of the CONTROL SEGMENT:

  • It supports the highest frequency of development on a mental and emotional level.
  • The best help to detach oneself from existing deadlocked situations, imprints, etc.
  • Existing deficits on a physiological, biochemical or psychological level are compensated.
  • The own existing potential (blocked until now) can be implemented more easily and positively: abilities, talents, etc. are fostered.
  • Biology and neurology of your body are positively balanced due to this healthy, active development.


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