The appropriate parapsychological measure for people who want to benefit directly from the OWN ORIGIN! The hypersegment provides PSI-energetic impulses so that soul factors come into play again. This brings the great advantage of being able to live and express oneself out of one’s true AUTHENTICITY.

Human being – who are you?
Have you often asked yourself in different situations:


What really makes me, me?
Who am I?
Why am I like this?
What prevents me from being different?
What prevents me from being authentic and thinking unlimited?


Every human being has an own PSI code, which has a determining effect on life. This PSI code contains i.a. the spiritual potential, the highest possible further development, accompanied by the necessary karmic balancing processes, experience processes, transformation processes.


The HYPERSEGMENT = a converter (transmitter) from the own PSI-unit (soul quality)!

PSI energy is the form of energy that is called the energy of the soul and the cosmos. It has to be mentioned that the human´s soul is indispensably connected to the cosmos.

In the preparation of the HYPERSEGMENT, a subliminal wire to the PSI-unit is created, which is autonomously switched via the sensory reflexes and has a positive effect on the mental and emotional level.

It means that the PSI signals are converted into kinetic energy, which then performs the imaginary task. This causes an optimal disposition for all situations, because the human is switched directly from the PSI sequence (area). Each pulse is passed on via the HYPERSEGMENT.

This has the great advantage that one has access to all stored experiences (= to acquired knowledge from all previous lives because PSI energy is not bound to space and time), and therefore one gets the necessary information (impulse) from the true original sequence.

Thus, the human being always receives the necessary information from the own origin in the most diverse situations or experiences. This positive emotional background enables faster insights of necessary processes of life lessons. These gained insights save people from further similar, causal processes of experience (= cause/effect).


The HYPERSEGMENT makes it much easier to detach oneself from deep-seated imprints, and the resulting pattern behaviour, and then to redefine oneself out of the own original.


Positive insights always have a lasting positive effect on the psyche, neurology, and the entire biology. With honest, inner readiness, the way is paved for the highest possible soul development.

The HYPERSEGMENT is suitable for all people who want to feel really comfortable in their skin. The PSI unit is increasingly influencing all solid matter. Everything can form, model, and develop according to its very own energy.


Your benefits:

  • targeted further development rather than years of sensitization processes
  • fast insights instead of recurring problems
  • to act from one’s origin (essence) instead of being deformed by imprints
  • self-determined instead of externally determined
  • a healthy psyche rather than a life in self-doubts
  • life with farsightedness instead of collective restriction and limitation
  • a pure true quality as a human being


Your interest is aroused?

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