Emotional Resignal Filter Template



The parapsychological help with any kind of overtaxing or the feeling of being burned out. Very suitable for instability, general insecurity, sensitivity, emotional upheavals, crises, etc.


Negative engrams are stored in PSI energetics i. a. through negative experiences, imprints, happenings during growing up – at an early age. Engrams are mental and emotional storage factors that have a negative effect on adult life. They don’t let people get ahead and act as a black coat latently pressing on the psyche.

If there is a minus structure of emotional as well as mental impressions, this not only has a negative effect on sensation (the psyche darkens) but also on all present and future intentions. It thus acts as an accelerator of existing negative predispositions of energy. This energetic predisposition is sometimes responsible for the fact that people – despite super talents, top education, etc. – often do not believe in themselves and fail. Self-doubt determines the existence.

The instrument of psychokinesis is now able to exert a positive influence on all causal factors: a plus structure is created from an energetic minus structure. Instead of bending emotionally (= dead end), the EMOTIONAL RESIGNAL FILTER TEMPLATE helps to draw the (determining) insight from the situation or event in order to move forward positively again.


Functionality: (short description)
Out of the karmic impulse, different experiences happen on every path of life. These serve for sensitization, consciousness transformation, for the soul and human development.
Sensitization processes often reveal themselves through a negative emotional experience, situation or event. Every experience made leaves behind from the moment of sensation a resignal (vibration component), which is stored in one’s own energy system. From various causes (irritation, ego parts, imprints, etc. ) the necessary knowledge is often missing, despite the momentary suffering. Thus, a signal effect remains due to causal relationships (cause/effect). As a result, sooner or later, the person is led back into an emotional impasse.

Many single, negative resignals (vibration components) are stored through increased negative emotional disappointments. From an involuntary feedback of the already stored resignals, it becomes more and more difficult for the human being to make objective decisions, based on realisation. On the contrary, it leads to a negative confirmation in many cases. The human being often buckles emotionally and thus does not progress in terms of development.

The EMOTIONAL RESIGNAL FILTER TEMPLATE filters every emotional experience in the future. By means of psychokinesis, it is possible to create a segmentive support whose function corresponds to that of a filter.

This means that the experiences that are currently perceived as negative can be brought into order by the FILTER TEMPLATE, and thus the resignal arrives correctly and it stores itself mentally accordingly.

Effect = with the correct resignal, the human being accepts more easily the insights that should be made from the circumstance! Thus she/he saves herself/himself further similar experiences.

In the long run, a human will soon be able to successfully gain the necessary knowledge and, of course, at the same time, a healthier basis for the entire organism is created. An emotionally strong as well as mentally ordered person can set off to her/his highest performance!

Ultimate, preventive health care:

  • This parapsychological measure is already recommended as PREVENTION so that no negative structure and negative effects on the psyche or bioenergetics can arise in the first place!
  • By means of this support, the human being is permanently strengthened emotionally and optimally cared for on an energetic level – for a lifetime!

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